About DH Pace

Commercial Dock and Door Company in Nashville

Helping businesses overcome their pain points

Expert solutions from Nashville’s commercial facility experts

When you work with DH Pace, you get peace of mind knowing that professionals are providing expert care for your facility. We help businesses by informing them of all possible options for improving their facilities. And once you’re informed of all your options, we empower you to make the best decisions for your needs. Our vast inventory of products, combined with our decades of experience, gives us the unique ability to care for your facility in a variety of different ways.

The DH Pace Difference

Experienced Employees

Each technician and commercial specialist at DH Pace is rigorously trained, highly skilled, and possesses years of experience in their field. This gives us the unique ability to meet each of the individual challenges facing a facility. There's nothing we haven't seen or solved, and you can count on our team to deliver solutions that last. 

Extensive Inventory

DH Pace has the widest selection of commercial facility products of anyone in our industry. Everything you need to successfully run your day-to-day operations—whether it's doors, loading docks, or security systems—is just a click or phone call away.

Customized Solutions

Each facility has different needs, so we tailor our solutions to meet the unique challenges facing your commercial business. With years of training and experience under their belt, our technicians can help you overcome any pain points. 

Devoted Service

Our team won't stop until the job is done right and to your standards. We go above to provide a world-class experience from start to finish, making DH Pace the number one choice in Nashville for commercial facility solutions. 

Lifecycle Building Management

DH Pace is ready to help no matter where you're at in the business lifecycle. From construction and renovation to maintenance and repair, we're ready to serve and eager to assist.