DH Pace Saves in Hospital New Construction Hospital Project

DH Pace secured an opportunity with a new hospital to install all the automatic doors, but they hadn’t been selected to supply the hardware and hollow metal doors for the new building.


Coordination issues between the doors and hardware, automatic doors, security system, electrical and fire systems were plaguing the General Contractor and owner on a large hospital project. Specifically, the project faced some gaps in identifying the scopes of work and issues securing materials and labor from other contractors.


After a thorough project review, DH Pace was selected to provide and install the entry doors and hardware, card readers, automatic doors and security system. DH Pace coordinated internally to ensure that everything worked together at the jobsite.

Today, DH Pace is single-source service provider at the hospital for many of the door systems, including the automatic doors and ICU units. The General Contractor is now working to use this integrated approach on future projects with DH Pace.


Thoroughly understanding a client’s needs and their project time lines can help to streamline the process, and it can lead to mutually beneficial changes in the project scope, which results in top-notch customer service and customer experience.