Exterior Freezer Door Saves Manufacturer from Receiving Troubles


A food manufacturer needed a solution to receive perishable goods directly and after hours.


The specialty foods manufacturer was receiving frozen goods shipments at all hours of the day. It was problematic because the operation is fairly small. Physically receiving the shipments during business hours meant that it took someone away from their other tasks, and the customer had to make arrangements if shipments were expected after hours.


DH Pace recommended cutting a new opening in the freezer case and installing a custom freezer swing door. With an exterior access door, the manufacturer could leave that door unlocked during business hours when they were expecting a shipment. Plus, they could make after hours arrangements to provide an access key to only the exterior door to the delivery service. DH Pace installed a single panel swing door with a thermally neutral fiberglass reinforced (FRP) framework, extruded polymer casings and non-CFC foamed-in-place polyurethane core. The door construction provided for a long-lasting, durable door. It also featured a heated weather strip to stop frost and keep the door from freezing closed since the temperatures ranged from ambient temps to -10 degrees.


The exterior freezer door was the perfect solution for the customer. It allowed for the interior of their facility to remain secure while both streamlining the receiving process and maintaining the cold storage required of their frozen goods shipments.