High Performance Doors Improve Employee Safety in Manufacturing

New developments in technology can lead to safer manufacturing environments like it did for this facility.


An automotive manufacturer with a fast-paced facility wanted to increase safety levels during welding operations, while maintaining the efficiency of the team.


Safety regulations associated with rotating industrial machinery and robotics require that automotive manufacturers provide some way to protect employees from workplace hazards associated with potentially dangerous equipment. This is frequently accomplished with light curtains or other devices that cut power to a machine when a person gets too close. High-performance machine protection doors provide a safer alternative by providing a physical barrier between the operator and machine, instead of just a beam of light.

The protection doors were installed by DH Pace to meet a high standard by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), as well as RIA 15.06 by the Robotics Industries Association, for indication of the door being closed before the machines starts its process. These rugged doors are designed for years of continuous operation in manufacturing conditions and can be expected to reliably cycle five times per minute for three shifts a day.


Safety is always a major concern for retrofit and new construction projects. DH Pace has many custom solutions that enhance safety for everyone involved, especially in high-risk manufacturing operations.