ICU Doors Complete 7-Story Hospital Addition

Hospital ICU Doors

Customer Type: Hospital

Industry: Healthcare


A hospital was building a new seven-story addition and needed a large number of auto and ICU doors. The spec called for specific brands.


DH Pace’s reputation with the general contractor allowed DH Pace to show the benefits of alternative brands. Budgetary concerns arose with larger manufacturers and DH Pace was able to use a smaller, specialized manufacturer to meet all specifications for the ICU doors and stay on budget. The ICU portion of the project included 146 two-panel ICU doors with self-closing functionality; 7 two-panel automatic ICU doors with smoke and draft control; 2 telescoping ICU bi-part sliding doors with smoke and draft control, auto-closing functionality and nurse assist; 15 swing pairs of ICU doors with smoke ratings and auto openers. Additionally, DH Pace provided and installed three automatic bi-part sliding doors at the operating room entrance with interlocks. All of the doors had an antimicrobial finish and 78 of the ICU doors included integral blinds.

The result is a project that was managed successfully for over 18 months and 2,000 on-site hours to provide a safe and functional space for patients and staff. The hospital was able to open on schedule and on budget.