Improved Surveillance Increases Safety and Security for Students and Staff

Customer Type: K-12

Industry: Education


A K-12 school district noticed blind spots in the video surveillance coverage at their high school. This left the students, staff, and school building vulnerable to dangerous situations.


DH Pace installed 22 cameras throughout the high school campus. Outdoor fisheye 360° vision cameras were installed and featured AI functionalities, motion detection of people and vehicles, number counting, congestion detection, and night vision. The outdoor dome cameras that were installed had five separate cameras inside and included object detection and tracking, allowing the camera to identify and respond to security threats in real-time. Finally, outdoor dome cameras with a single fixed lens and night vision were installed in areas that needed constant surveillance.

The result is improved surveillance coverage that allows the school to identify individuals and incidents throughout the campus as they occur. This provides increased safety and security for students and staff.