Large Retailer Looks to DH Pace for Loss Prevention Solution

A large national retailer was having an issue with employees using dock facilities to orchestrate merchandise theft. They needed a custom solution to help eliminate the opportunity for merchandise to be removed easily.


The dock facilities for this retailer weren’t set up properly to begin with, which left a sizeable gap between the trailer of a truck and the dock itself. Since the retailer didn’t have the appropriate bumpers installed, employees could easily drop merchandise in the gap and return later to collect it after their shift.


DH Pace constructed three prototype bumpers that would eliminate the gap around the docks. The prototypes were tested and determined to be a solution for all retailer facilities with up to a 6 percent driveway decline.

As a trial run, the retailer tested the solution in 12 stores in California and Florida. The program was so successful that they rolled it out to all their locations, which resulted in DH Pace doing the work in 195 stores across the country.


Building custom prototypes can give customers an opportunity to see all the pros and cons for selecting a product prior to building. DH Pace offers unique custom solutions where other vendors might try to fit a square peg into a round hole.