Local Farmer Upgrades Buildings to Eliminate Manual Door Operation

A local farmer wanted to bring the buildings on his property up to date by mechanizing the doors.


The customer had a traditionally-constructed pole building with manual sliding doors which had to be opened and closed by hand. The farmer was interested in automating the doors to optimize the efficiency of his operation. The existing doors were wood framed and covered with corrugated metal.


To replace the traditional manual doors, the team installed a 30 foot x 14 foot door with a dual trolley opener. In addition, the team built out the opening to ensure the new door fit better and would keep the elements out.

The team did three different openings like this across the property so that all the buildings had powered doors. The customer optimized his workflow and can now drive equipment in and out of the buildings with the push of a button.


Making changes to traditional structures can impact the future use without making significant changes or investments to the original design.