Manufacturer Weatherproofs Boiler Room

Customer Type: Manufacturer

Industry: Industrial & Manufacturing   


A manufacturer suffered significant business disruption and economic losses when a winter storm caused the pipes in their boiler room to freeze. To prevent future incidents, they needed the ability to close off a 30-foot x 28-foot ventilation wall during cold weather.


The DH Pace team assessed the situation and assisted the customer in evaluating several different options. Due to the large size of the opening and the need to close the opening quickly, a power operated custom rolling steel door was selected. The door was fabricated and installed on the exterior of the ventilation wall with a heavy-duty operator to allow for quick and safe operation. To add security, the operator can only be activated by authorized personnel using a key switch.

The customer is very happy with the product and the installation of the door. It took care of all the worries they had with weather at this location and allows for the ventilation wall to be open as much as possible.