Manufacturing Facility Updates Antiquated Loading Docks


A construction materials manufacturer suffered from antiquated docks at their manufacturing facility.


The customer’s docks were too low which caused issues for loading and unloading trucks, plus they were out of compliance with modern dock standards. Since the docks were not tall enough to meet modern trucks or trailers, the manufacturer asked DH Pace to adapt them to better meet their needs and stay on a tight budget.

The traditional option of excavating the parking lot to change the building’s elevation was not as an option because it wasn’t an economical solution. The option to excavate inside the building, create a pit and install dock levelers with a working range sufficient to service modern trailers was also too costly to pursue.


DH Pace thoroughly examined all of the dock parameters and compared their options against the customer’s budget to come up with a solution to their unique needs. The Company recommended using a newer dock product that would accommodate the customer’s requirements.

The recommendation was to use a modular dock bridge that can accommodate tall trailers when there is a significant difference in height between the trailer and the dock. While this dock bridge offers little range below the dock, it provided just the right operational range necessary to compensate for the issues the customer was facing.

With the dock solution in place, DH Pace turned to focus on how the construction materials manufacturer would safely loading and unloading trucks. For a secure dock environment, the Company recommended pairing vehicle restraint systems with the modular dock bridges.


When the vehicle restraint systems are locked in place and securely attached to the truck’s Interstate Commerce Commission (ICC) rear bar, the trailer is unable to from roll away from the dock or to be pulled away by a truck driver until the dock attendant has safely exited the trailer. This truck restraint method is approved by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) in lieu of outdated wheel chock technology.

A final component of the project was to isolate the inside temperature and control the dock environment from harsh outside elements. DH Pace recommended installing a flexible loading dock shelter to offer the best protection to seal a variety of truck and trailer sizes. Heavy-duty fabric and heavy overlapping wear plates make it tough enough to withstand the demands of 40-ton trucks backing in and out.


There is a time and place for conventional options. Sometimes factors come into play that make the traditional answer not an option. DH Pace partners with our customers to ensure we provide a well-thought out solution that meets the parameters of your project, whether they be physical or budgetary.