Recessed Vehicle Restraint Improves Pharma Manufacturer Facility

Customer Type: Pharmaceutical Manufacturer

Industry: Industrial & Manufacturing


A pharmaceutical manufacturer has been retrofitting their docks with new dock levelers and vehicle restraints for a few years. At one of their docks, they not only load and unload trucks but they also load pallets onto the dock from the outside with a fork truck. They discovered the usual leveler and restraint they were installing at each dock would not allow them to get close enough to load the pallets onto the dock without hitting the restraint.


DH Pace presented an alternative vehicle restraint featuring a recessed design so that when it is not in use, it fully retracts into a pit underneath the leveler to leave a clean dock face. The manufacturing customer liked the option that would allow them to continue their current loading methods and installed the recessed vehicle restraint as well as a new dock leveler and safety gate. The result is a multi-functional dock and equipment that works in sequence for a safe and efficient working environment area.