Rolling Door Lowers Maintenance for Manufacturer

Customer Type: Distribution Center 

Industry: Distribution & Logistics 


A multinational manufacturing company had large vertical lift doors at one of their facilities. The doors were aging and expensive to repair or replace. The doors are in front of docks that are in near-constant use, so the frequent maintenance needed on the doors caused major disruptions.


DH Pace recommended switching from the vertical lift-style doors to insulated rolling steel doors. The rolling steel doors provided the same security as the old doors, and they were powder-coated orange for low maintenance and high visibility. DH Pace worked closely with the general contractor and their electrician to get the installation completed in two days to minimize the disruption to the manufacturer’s operations. The rolling steel doors are reliable and low maintenance which is vital in this high traffic area that cannot have any down time. The result is a functional door and a happy customer who has already replaced more of their vertical lift doors with rolling steel doors.